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My Work

My United Wind is a suite of tools created to collect data and display it to customers of a clean energy company.

My responsibilities included: Creating visually appealing widgets for the portal. Collecting customer data using proprietary APIs, parsing the data, and displaying it in an easy-to-understand fashion.

Tools of the trade:
HTML/CSS/JS client-side. PHP/MySQL server-side.

This tool requires an active account with United Wind, so a live demo is not possible.

Mobile Matching Game

This game concept was used by multiple clients of Skye MM for showroom floors.

It utilizes multiple touch screen devices to interact with separate instances of the game simultaneously. Users sign in at the beginning, play the game, and then record their scores to a shared database. On a separate large-format television screen, scores are updated via long-polling, and anybody on the showroom floor can see who's currently topping the leaderboards.

Tools of the trade:
HTML/CSS/JS/ActionScript 3 (portable to iOS and Android devices) client-side. And PHP/MySQL server-side. - course development

The Apply Cover Enjoy courses were developed to teach children and adults of all ages about sun safety awareness. To accomplish this, 3 courses were developed for different age groups (young children, children, and teens/adults). Additionally, a suite of password-protected reporting tools were created to show how well users were performing in the course.

I had the privilege of handling most of the design and illustration work for these courses, and nearly all of the development.

Tools of the trade:
HTML/CSS/JS client-side. C#/SQL server-side.

Live courses can be viewed here - branding

When the client approached Skye MM, they did not have much in the way of visual assets.

I developed an official "Apply Cover Enjoy" logo for them, colors, visual styles, and a collection of cohesive design guidelines to be used across printed and digital media.

Tools of the trade:
Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and After Effects.

Live courses can be viewed here

Virtual Preceptorship

The Virtual Preceptorship demo is an experimental application developed while working with Skye MM. The goal is to demonstrate to potential clients how it is possible to take a physical space (whether real or imaginary) and create a virtual learning environment from that.

Tools of the trade:

Feel free to check out the demo

RFInspireD was an experimental tech company that specialized in RFID chips.

I assisted with developing branding guidelines, as well as website imagery. Consistent website design implementation was another responsibility of mine.

Tools of the trade:
HTML/CSS/JS client-side.

Unfortunately, RFInspireD is no longer live, so a demo is not possible.


610 Advertising is a small advertising firm whose clients are primarily local startups in the greater Reading, PA area.

I worked with the owner of 610 Advertising to come up with the concept for the site. We wanted something that would intrigue new customers with exciting visual effects, while ensuring that all of the content remained no more than two clicks away.

Years ago, this website was actually my first foray into jQuery.

Tools of the trade:
HTML/CSS/JS client-side. PHP/MySQL server-side.

Visit live site

About Me

Tommy King is a full-stack developer and designer, fluent in all aspects of the web process. Conceptualization. Design. Building. Testing.

Tommy got his start as a Flash developer, and learned the web basics shortly after: HTML, CSS, and JS. He discovered that web development was truly his calling, and went to college, focusing on interactive design. After graduating, this fledgeling developer began dabbling in popular frameworks and plugins; everything from Wordpress to Joomla, jQuery, Starling, Bootstrap, and Angular.

Not being happy with solely client-side coding, Tommy began looking into server-side scripting languages, including PHP and MySQL. Now he was really off the deep end. Can you say full stack developer, and a designer to boot? Sky's the limit! And if that wasn't enough, he even dipped his feet in .NET development, creating websites using ASPX and VB.

I'm a motivated and persistent person. I'm not afraid of hard work. If I find something that I can't do yet — well, that just means that I found something new to learn!

I'm currently working on a few personal projects, including a competitive online multiplayer game.

— Tommy King

Skills in a nutshell:

  • HTML, CSS (10+ yrs)
  • JavaScript (5 yrs)
  • PHP, MySQL (5 yrs)
  • ActionScript (10+ yrs)
  • MEAN stack (1 yr)
  • Game design
  • Responsive design
  • Communication Design degree

What's up?

The best way to reach me is by email. Please drop me a line some time!